All Peer Support Workers

Dwayne Holmes

Dallas, TX

Meet Dwayne...his personal mantra is "Healing is what we need. Healing is what I strive to help my community through. For with healing, we all become a better community. #ThatsWhatImHereFor”

Nathan Maxey, MPA

Dallas, TX

Peer Support for me means bringing all my educational and lived experience to actively listen to understand. I am a person living with HIV for twenty-two years. However, I’m so much more than my status. I know not everyone has the same experiences navigating as a black queer person. Therefore, sometimes we need additional help outside of our family and friends. I'm here to promote a broader sense of community and to connect as an informational Peer Supporter for YOU.

Adonis May

Dallas, TX

Meet Adonis…he is a passionate advocate dedicated to vigorously eradicating new diagnoses while  ensuring the HIV Continuum of Care