HPTN 096 is a study of the NIH-DAIDS funded HIV Prevention Trials Network (HPTN). The HPTN is an international collaborative clinical trials network that develops and tests the safety and efficacy of interventions designed to prevent the acquisition and transmission of HIV.

Learn more about the HPTN at hptn.org and read more about HPTN 096 here.


If you need help with a specific part of the study, you may reach out to the following individuals: 


Dr. LaRon Nelson, Yale School of Nursing, laron.nelson@yale.edu 

Dr. Chris Beyrer, Duke Institute of Global Health, chris.beyrer@duke.edu

Clinical Research Managers
  • Ms. Liz Greene, egreene@fhi360.org, 919-321-3411 (focus on culturally responsive intersectional stigma prevention and health equity components) 
  • Ms. Sherri Johnson, sjohnson@fhi360.org, 202-884-8677 (focus on peer support and health equity components) 
  • Dr. Theresa Gamble, tgamble@fhi360.org, 919-321-3520 (focus on social media and cross-sectional assessment components) 
  • Ms. Rita Labbett, rlabbett@fhi360.org, 919-321-3810 (focus on culturally responsive intersectional stigma prevention and  cross-sectional assessment components) 
  • Ms. Leah Kofmehl, lkofmehl@fhi360.org, 202-884-8554 (focus on social media)
  • Mr. Nick Emard, nemard@fhi360.org, 202-464-3749 (focus on culturally responsive intersectional stigma prevention)
Clinical Trial Assistants
  • Ms. Zoe Jones, zjones@fhi360.org, 919-321-3799 (focus on culturally responsive intersectional stigma prevention and health equity components)
  • Ms. Amber Babinec, ababinec@fhi360.org, 919-627-6407 (focus on health equity and social media)
Community Engagement
  • Ms. Martine Harrington-Powell, mharrington-powell@fhi360.org, 919-544-7040 (focus on health equity and peer support)
  • Mr. Jonathan Lucas, jlucas@fhi360.org, 919-321-3574 (focus on social media)
  • Ms. CaTiffaney Griswould, cgriswould@fhi360.org, 202-884-8908 (focus on culturally responsive intersectional stigma prevention and cross-sectional assessment)
Laboratory Support (Sample Collection and Processing)
Data Collection (Case Report Forms and Questionnaires) 

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