The primary element of this component will focus on HIV-related messaging. Individuals who are recognized by or are known to have influence in the Black gay community will be approached to create content related to HIV testing, PrEP, and viral suppression. Existing content (i.e., infographics, videos, or messages) created by organizations that support and represent Black MSM, government agencies, health departments, foundations, or other HIV-related organizations, will be used in combination with newly created content to maximize reach and influence in the intervention communities.

The second element will focus on the promotion of other components of the study intervention (peer support or health equity).

We are looking to compensate content creators who:

  • Have experience creating content on social media platforms,
  • Have knowledge and experience with the Black MSM community in the southern U.S.,
  • Have a basic understanding of HIV (extensive knowledge or expertise is not required).

If that sounds like you, check our Jobs & Opportunities page or contact us below for more information:

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